Kitchen Design & Build

A bath or kitchen renovation can be just a little bit life-changing. Complicated, but life-changing. Good thing we know it all by heart.


We know how important finding the right team is.

They say directing is 99% casting—and our two decades of experience completely support this claim. There are so many contractors, artisans, and vendors to vet.

Let us bring our ready-made everything-you-need full-service team of resources to the table.


We know the secret to defining your style.

Don’t tell anyone we told you—it’s listening. We come prepared with deep expertise in how to interpret personal style. To find yours we ask questions, we learn, and we build something that’s truly one-of-a-kind.

Custom storage? Yes. Unconventional sourcing to find unique fixtures and furnishings? You bet. Layering on the little details to make it all just a little bit more—wow? Absolutely.


We make it look easy.

Measurements and specifications and permits—oh my. We’ll handle all those tedious, technical tasks. Our process arrives with diamond-cut precision.

The budgets won’t budge, the timelines will tie to reality, and we’ll keep the dusty parts from disrupting your day.


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01. Getting to know you

Kitchen design and renovation projects are intrinsically personal. We need to understand how your mornings begin, how you like to cook, what you use most often, and so much more. If there’s one thing that is essential to our kitchen design process it is this—we must get to know you.

Our process begins with a phone consultation where we start discussing your needs, wants, and the scope of the kitchen design. What have you always wanted? We’ll talk through your overall goals, project timelines, and investment considerations.

After we have a plan in place, we’ll come in to take field measurements, see how you use the current space, and review the existing conditions. This might include inspecting the mechanicals and verifying any other important project parameters, but we will keep you updated regarding every aspect of the process.

You’ll also be given access to a portal where everything is tracked—daily.

02. Designing + Planning

And now—everyone’s favorite part. We kick off the design phase with preliminary drawings and mood boards to hone in on your functional needs and personal style. Everything from storage to finishes will be addressed—but with highly customized elements that could only be yours.

After finalizing all the details and making sure you’re delighted with the plans, we will assemble a team of trusted subcontractors to work on your kitchen renovation. We’ll walk them through the job site with plans and a written scope of work, and coordinate all of the details needed to complete the kitchen build process.

We are the point of contact—so you don’t have to worry about working with anyone but our team. If we’re doing any structural or exterior work, we will also collaborate with an architect to ensure that proper drawings are included for permitting and that the outside of your home looks as great as the inside.

03. Procurement

Once your project costs are finalized and your contract is approved, we can check those off the list. Hooray!

Next, we will get to work on some of the most detailed, essential elements of a kitchen renovation—obtaining necessary permits, placing vendor orders, proofreading order acknowledgments, and tracking all of it.

Every element will be taken into account. We’ll accept shipment of your furnishings and materials at our warehouse—and hold it all for delivery to your job site during the kitchen installation.

What this means in practice: You won’t have boxes and other materials taking up space in your home before you need them.

Check the online project management whenever you like—for updates on your permit status, notes as materials start to arrive, and more.

In summary: We’ll handle all of the nuts and bolts of your project while you simply watch the progress and enjoy the magic of seeing a brand new kitchen come together.

04. Project Management + Installation

A kitchen design project runs in layers—and once we’ve established a schedule, your project manager will be in touch to set up a project kickoff meeting for remodeling or to set up an installation date for furnishings.

We will review the project schedule and discuss important project housekeeping items such as where the dumpster will be located, where any temporary solutions will be placed, and which areas of your home will need to be screened off with plastic. We specialize in keeping dust to a minimum.

Our job is to prepare you and keep you informed of everything that’s to come. Our kitchen remodeling team will take every step necessary to make sure your family stays comfortable at home while the project takes place with our clean remodeling process. Your kitchen may be under construction, but your life is not.

If you are considering a custom kitchen, you owe it to yourself to meet with Susan and the TKS team.

Ellen Lakeside, MI

Susan made the design process streamlined, smooth, and enjoyable. We love our new kitchen.

MD Wheaton, IL