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Custom design that spins your story into indelible style.

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Building a best-in-class renovation team is a daunting task. Good thing we love daunting tasks.

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A design and renovation process that feels exciting, not exhausting? We’ve got you.

I wanted everything—tied up in a bow—and that’s what we got from TKS. They really were amazing.

Erin Glen Ellyn, IL

They understood what my goal was. And they had the experience and the team to get it done.

Teri Glen Ellyn, IL

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What’s New?

Deeply personalized interior design and kitchen design—from Glen Ellyn to Chicago to Naples and beyond.

We’re known for uniquely custom, thoroughly personal design—thoughtfully eclectic and specific to your architecture, personal style, and personal history.

Our approach starts with the most interesting details and builds from there.

Spoiler alert: We’re going to ask you a lot of questions. Everything from your favorite dessert to your family lineage to that random story about your first pet—it’s all got the potential to add an element that is special and custom.

Every renovation needs something unique…because truly personal touches are timeless. Every interior design project is an opportunity to tell your stories and achieve the most casually elevated version of your style. We specialize in doing all of that.

As a design-build firm, we’re your favorite designer and your most trusted contractor.

And that streamlines every aspect of your interior or kitchen design project.

When you’ve got one team handling every element of the project, amazing things happen. Communication is better. Efficiencies bloom. The outcome is elevated because your designer has a deep understanding of the contractor side—and your contractor truly understands design.

At every location—Glen Ellyn, Chicago, and Naples—we’ve built our reputation on the strength of our team.

We could give you dozens (hundreds?) of examples of crises averted and days saved but let’s just leave it at this: Hiring a design-build firm for your project is a great decision.

Our renovation process is designed and built for busy people.

We’re known for the details that make a major renovation doable and a level of communication that can only be described as stellar. We use an online project management system so you’ll always know what’s happening—from the who to the what to the when. There’s an updated, daily log of what occurred at the job site that can be checked at any time.

Essentially, we have a checklist for every phase, a process for every situation, and an expert to handle every detail. The goal? Amazing, personalized outcomes—every time.

Good design is everything.

Ready for a new kitchen? We’ll design and build your ideal space…or something that completely surpasses your expectations. Is the entire first floor feeling dated and not-so-functional? We can make it amazing.

Expect a smooth process that allows you to envision your space from the start. We love 3-D renderings for kitchens, bathrooms, living rooms, and basically any kind of renovation project. There’s something wonderful about showing you exactly what a project will look like—and being able to look back at that rendering once it all comes to life.

We find that a good rendering is essential in helping you to imagine the outcome. Yes, we’ll show you fabric samples, paint chips, mood boards, and so much more—but a 3-dimensional rendering is almost like stepping into the space.

The first step is a phone call. We’d love to know what you have in mind.

We’ll begin with a quick chat and then, if everyone is aligned, move into a consultation.

Call us at (630) 858-4848 or tell us about your project here.

“Vision without execution is hallucination.”
Thomas Edison