4 Expert Tips For Lighting Up Your Kitchen Island

When considering an update for your culinary space, there’s one element that stands out: the lighting, especially the lights over the kitchen island. All high-end kitchen remodelers in Glen Ellyn can tell you that the right lighting can transform your space from just functional – to a statement of elegance and style. In the guide below, we’ll dive into some tips to help you light up your kitchen island, ensuring that this central hub is well-lit, stylish, and sophisticated in design.

What is the best way to light your kitchen island?

Finding the best option for your kitchen island lighting is about more than the looks. Your culinary area should offer practicality, yes, but the real goal is to find that perfect balance between functionality and style. No matter the design style you picked for your kitchen counter makeover and island update, read on. The tips below are there to help make sure any culinary area offers both practicality and an inviting, luxurious feel.

kitchen island lighting ideas

1. Rely on the layers

When you’re looking for kitchen island lighting ideas, consider not just a single light source, but a mix of ambient, accent, and task lighting. Ambient ones will shape the overall mood of the space, while the accent lights are there to enhance the design features and add depth and dimension. And when it comes to task illumination, it’s one that focuses on functionality, which is especially important in this area where most of the meal preparation happens.

2. Tailor choices to space

The size and layout of this central area significantly influence your illumination choices. You want to make sure that the space is well-lit, but also that the choice fits the design. To explain further: if you’re illuminating a spacious area, it may be best to include several sources of light, while cozy ones usually work best with a singular, eye-catching fixture. The goal is to achieve an even spread of light, but in a way that doesn’t overwhelm the space.

3. Choose the right fixtures

Choosing fixtures involves more than just picking what looks good. Same as with many other elements, a blend of practicality and style is the goal here as well. For example, pendant lighting for kitchen islands is a popular choice, and for a good reason. They are an elegant design choice that complements most spaces well, and they also offer focused illumination precisely where it’s needed. Plus, with the numerous style options they offer – from sleek and modern to more classic looks, finding ones that fit the rest of your space shouldn’t be an issue.

high end kitchen remodelers glen ellyn

4. Don’t overlook the bulbs

Among the many choices for illumination available, the choice of bulbs often gets pushed to the side. Bulbs can offer different hues, with warm ones making the space feel cozy and inviting, and cooler ones adding a more crisp, modern feel to the area. Additionally, picking an option that offers longevity and energy efficiency is a smart choice, and LED lighting is a recommended choice that provides both.

Who are the most reputable high-end kitchen remodelers in Glen Ellyn?

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