Design Style 101 with your Favorite Interior Designer

When you’re ready to work with an interior designer, one of the first questions they will ask is what is your design style? This can feel like a daunting question for two reasons. First, it can be hard to choose just one style (and honestly, you don’t have to). Second, you might not have a good understanding of each style to begin with.

So, let’s break it down for you. Today we’re sharing our take on the popular design styles. This is your guide to understanding each, but also learning what makes up your style, which is likely a mix of elements from multiple styles.

Traditional Neat

What Are Popular Design Styles

For those who are uncertain about what they love and want, and frankly you probably aren’t a big risk taker, this is the place to start. Traditional Neat, or basically undiluted traditional, is an interior designer’s updated take on traditional design.

This is not your Grandmother’s traditional, but an elevated aesthetic that feels timeless, yet current. It’s classic, detailed, and cool but still feels very familiar. And remember, this is just a jumping off point. The key to a great design is personalization to make it your own. An interior designer will seek to understand how you live, what you love, and what conveniences you most need. Here’s a great example of how we designed a home with our client and her family in mind. 

Eclectic Vintage

What's your style

If you love to mix old and new, and lean a bit towards the sentimental, then eclectic vintage might be your style. It uses a variety of elements, but it’s always done with an artistic eye. You enjoy self-expression and showing the world your personality.

This is not a cluttered hodge podge of figures or other collections, but a curated mix of elements that can feel both deeply personal and still reflect a certain period in time. Think modern art with bits of art deco or bohemian influences. Unique patterns and color combinations. The possibilities are endless


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Is this one new to you? This term, coined in 2019, defines Grandmillennials as having an affinity for design trends typically considered to be outdated such as ruffles, floral prints, and embroidered linens. Even though the style is not new, the recent allure to it is. Just like bell bottom jeans, what’s old is new again.

The hallmarks of Grandmillennial style are traditional-inspired elements punctuated with color and pattern, and a bit of maximalism. Think nostalgic, yet modern. This style is all about comfort, elegance, and an appreciation for the classics. Because the classics really never go out of style. Take a look at this historical home built in 1896 where we remodeled taking our cues from the original owner.

Comfortable Modern

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Finally, comfortable modern is our take on modern, but more approachable. Comfortable modern is all about clean lines, rounded shapes, and a neutral (and versatile) palette.

Texture is how we add the cozy comfort you want in a home, while keeping the design casually elegant too. This take on modern is clean, but not cold. Because everyone wants a warm and inviting home to return to at the end of a busy day. If comfortable modern feels like your jam, check out this beautiful remodel

Discover your style, start your project

Looking for striking interiors inspired by your personal passion? At the TKS Design Group, we know our interior designers can help make even the most daunting remodel feel easier. Start by taking our assessment to learn more about your design style. Then reach out so we can turn your story into style!

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