Creating a Cozy Winter Oasis at Home


With a long winter ahead spent at home, it’s time to make our own cozy oasis away from the cold.

As much as we love our home city, we know that winter in Chicago is no picnic. It’s long, it’s dark, and we all spend most of it just counting down to warmer days ahead. Sure, we love our city, but we can all agree that months like January and February are TOUGH. The weather, combined with COVID guidelines, mean it’s more important than ever to create an oasis of coziness in your home. It’s your calm amid the Siberian storms, and you can make some simple updates that will make a big difference.

Here are some ideas for ways to keep warm at home all winter long…



How can I improve my home for the winter?

So, if winter time is bringing you down, here are some home improvement projects to help to fight off the winter blues.

Bring a feeling of warmth to your home

When planning your space, focus on statement pieces in rich colors. It’s not enough to just purchase a simple matching set of furniture and call it a day. Mix and match elements, textures and colors, designing your whole room around a few statement pieces. This is especially true for textures like furs, knits, or even fuzzy textures. This will enable you to make it truly your own!



For a truly luxurious experience, try heated tile floors – once you experience them, you will never go back to cold tile!

Our design team can work with you to organize and lay out your space to make the most of those elements. It might be cold outside, but there’s no reason why we can’t create a feeling of warmth inside.



Let your walls brighten up your day

Your home should feel like YOU. Every room, every nook should have personal touches that make you feel whole. Whether you install beautiful and impactful lighting to showcase art or family photos or line your walls with shelves to fill with books and mementos, you can do a whole lot of personalization within your very walls. We are organization and storage specialists so even making the most of small spaces can add joy. Simple meaningful accents can help serve your family in a multitude of ways.



Use familiar spaces in new ways

Update your room so the layout allows for more people and more time spent together. When you work with us, we will make sure you find the right sized tables and unique seating for your room. We focus on both the highest quality construction combined with a beautiful, personalized look for all your wants and needs.

For your next Netflix binge or game night, we can help you upgrade the design of your traditional living room to make it a place that the whole family will flock to for time together. Make the most of all this time at home by spending it together! We recommend Yahtzee as a fun family game, and we’ve been loving digging into cartoon classics on Disney+ if you need any ideas on where to start 😉




Bring the outdoors in

From light wood cabinetry to upgraded flooring to even adding details around your windows, you can find beautiful and functional ways to bring outdoor elements into your living space. Natural materials, earth tones and touches of nature (even making space for plenty of plants!) will help you appreciate the great outdoors…. But keep you safe and warm inside.



Stay warm & toasty with the fireplace

If your home has a fireplace, now is the time to make the most of it! We can help you build out your room to really make the most of this amazing design feature for the long winter nights ahead. 

If you don’t have a fireplace, don’t worry – you still have options. Find unique places to add candles, and be sure to have warm stylish blankets close by. This will help set a cozy mood and can even help save on your electrical bill. Who doesn’t love that?!

The winter is long. The weather is brutal. But we’ll get through this together! Don’t let spending time at home make you feel trapped, bored or uninspired. Your home should be your favorite place to be, and we’re here to help make all those dreams come true. Let’s get cozy!



Where can I find dependable interior designers near me?

Are you looking for a truly collaborative experience to guide you through the upcoming home renovation? Or perhaps you need some winter home improvement ideas to boost your spirits? 

TKS works with you to put together the best in home furnishings and design your space to make the most of every inch at home. With the help of our expert interior designers and exclusive vendors, we will certainly find the right solutions for your home. Give us a call to book a complimentary zoom meeting to find out more (630) 858-4848.

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