Three Bathroom Remodels for One Great Family

Several years ago, Jill and Brian remodeled their kitchen with TKS Design Group and recently decided it was time to look at a primary bath remodel, as well as some updates to the two second floor kids’ bathrooms.

Here’s what we did:

Upgraded kid’s bathrooms for maximum functionality

We phased this project and started out by gutting and updating the kids’ baths. By bringing in some texture and pattern to the new finishes, these bathroom remodels are now fresh and more functional.


Blog Before 1


bathroom after design update


KIDS BATH #2 – BEFORE —————————————> AND AFTER

small bathroom before and after redesign

Unlocked primary bathroom to its full potential

Next, we moved on to the primary bath where Jill and Brian wanted a completely fresh start. We tweaked the layout slightly by reducing the size of the enormous tub deck and expanding the vanities and storage into the old tub deck zone as well as pushing a bit into the awkward carpeted dressing area. By doing so, we were able to substantially expand the existing footprint of the shower. We also relocated the French doors so that the bath would take advantage of the light brought in by the skylight in that area.


large bathroom before and after redesign
floor plans for bathroom redesign

Opened up the space

A large arched window was replaced with a similar but cleaner lined version, and we removed the large bulkhead and columns to open up the space. A simple freestanding tub now punctuates the area under the window and makes for a pleasing focal point. Subtle but significant changes.

BEFORE ——————————————> AFTER

Before and after modernization and redesign

Set the right ambiance

We chose a neutral gray tile for the floor to ground the space, and then white oak cabinetry and gold finishes bring warmth to the pallet. The large shower features a mix of white and gray tile where an electronic valve system offers a bit of modern technology and customization to bring some luxury to the everyday.

high end bathroom
bathroom storage options
fully furnished bathroom

Increased storage capacity

The bathroom remodel also features plenty of storage that keeps the everyday necessities tucked away. The end result feels modern, airy and restful. Has this made you wonder what could be possible in you’re bathroom? Check out our most recent bathroom projects and then head over to our contact page so we start dreaming with you!

Why is TKS Design Group the preferred choice for a bath remodel?

No matter how small your bathroom, you can count on TKS Design Group to upgrade it for improved comfort and functionality. Together, we can reimagine your space and transform it into something your family will love for years. Count on us for a well-rounded experience, starting with our first meet-up all the way to the final inspection. So, let us know what you have in mind, and we’ll come up with a design that reflects your lifestyle to a tee.

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  • Emma Clemantine
    | 8 September 2023

    The transformation of these bathrooms is truly impressive! The upgraded finishes and thoughtful layout adjustments have maximized functionality and aesthetics. The neutral color palette and clever use of space create a modern, inviting atmosphere. Fantastic work!

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