Kitchen Remodeling With Colorful Appliances

Why we love colorful kitchens!

“Using color on appliances is nothing new to kitchen design. In fact, the house I grew up in had harvest gold appliances, green trellis wallpaper and orange and brown carpeting thrown in there for effect as well. Sorry Mom, I’m sure it was all the rage back in the day!”




Source: Big Chill

What were popular appliance colors through the decades?

Colorful kitchens are nothing new of course, since in the 1950’s they were all the rage! I guess there must have been a little bit of neutrals in there as well. However, that period clearly wasn’t nearly as exciting since I can’t seem to find anything as enticing as these visual testimonials. Side note, if I had to prepare dinner every night in a pencil skirt, I would definitely not be in a good mood.

So skip to the 1980’s and 1990’s where there was honey oak, followed by cherry, with black and white appliances. This was followed by white, white, and lots of white usually seen with stainless appliances. White cabinetry and stainless appliances are still going strong, but now some of us are getting a little bored. This is why color has started to reappear in kitchens along with some vintage flavor.


Source: SMEG on Instagram

Here we have Drew Barrymore’s colorful kitchen with a dreamy yellow vintage refrigerator.

Her eclectic space combines modern touches, color, and some vintage flavor. She seems like a lot of fun, so I’m not surprised her kitchen is fun too! The eclectic use of vintage and colorful appliances is a very sophisticated way to use them. It feels like things were layered over time but in a really thoughtful way. Of course, that’s not how it actually happened but that’s the feel.


Source: SMEG on Instagram

Here’s a similar eclectic space with color, vintage and modern.


Source: Elmira Stoveworks on Instagram

This orange fridge would be perfect for you pool house kitchen!


Source: SMEG

I love the vibe of this space as well.  A vintage cottage that still feels fresh for today.


If you don’t want to commit to whole themed kitchen, you could always throw a spare vintage fridge into your living space, like this.

Why not?

Source: SMEG on Instagram


Source: Remodelista

Umm, how fun is this space?!

Who does this belong to? Is it a she shed for a really fun lady I’d like to have as my friend or maybe some very lucky little girls use this for fabulous tea parties. Anyway, it is fun!



For a more sophisticated approach, I love the look of these beautiful vintage style LaCanche ranges. This beautiful space is white on white on white, but the layers of texture and gold metal and wood accents definitely put it into the “not boring” category.

Here’s a before of a project we just completed. Yep, white cabinets and stainless appliances. The layout was a bit of a challenge as it was two back to back condominium units that were joined together, creating a very narrow space and some space planning challenges.


Here’s the end result!

We were definitely going for a vintage feel here with the custom hex floor and the wood butcher block tops.


Our client has an amazing collection of antique decorative items, so all the cabinets are glass to showcase them. We considered green, yellow, and pink appliances. In the end, she decided to “go for it” with the pink and I think it makes such a fun statement, don’t you?



If you are looking to do something a little different to stand out in a sea of white and stainless steel, choosing colorful or vintage appliances is a sure way to do it!

How do I find experienced kitchen designers?

Making bright or pastel shades work in your kitchen can be tough if you don’t have the assistance of experienced designers. To make sure you get the end result you want, get in touch with The Kitchen Studio. We’re a family-owned and operated company dedicated to making your dreams a reality.

Aside from gorgeous kitchen design that we’re best known for, we also handle a range of other remodeling projects. Our team will manage every step of the process, including initial planning, procurement of materials, permit applications, and construction. Give us a call and make sure your kitchen renovation keeps up with all the current trends!

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