Sinks. Why didn’t someone think of this sooner??

As designers and builders, we often run into things we WISH existed for our clients but don’t.

Well, Kelly Stewart, had that conundrum hit him when he was hunting for a large sink that was also beautiful and efficient. When he couldn’t find what he wanted… he created it himself! He designed the large format sink of his (and now our) dreams, and worked with House of Rohl to manufacture it!

Kelly with Ken Rohl, owner of House of Rohl

Let’s take a behind the scenes look at Kelly’s dream sink and what it took to create a beautiful design and a simpler kitchen experience that consumers can benefit from…

How did it all begin?

I always thought the industry needed a better designed sink so I tried to create something that wasn’t all about just the sink. It’s about storage and ease of use, without sacrificing the utility of the sink itself. I presented my designs to the Rohl team and they loved them! That was five years ago and since then we have put together three sinks in the Rohl Culinario Sink Collection.

What is so unique about this sink?

Sinks need to do multiple things, from food prep to scullery work. And that changes for people who do a lot of baking or who do a lot of cutting and chopping. Here are some of the most important issues this sink addresses:

Drainage and Water Use

Problem: This is one of the largest issues with big sinks. After use, a ton of time and water is wasted rinsing the sink and shoving things down the drain.

Solution: My solution was to create a unique corner drain and a gentle slope on the uninterrupted sink floor that prevents standing objects from tipping as well as eliminating standing water for easy cleanup.


Problem: Because plumbing typically takes up a lot of space under the sink, it prevents useful storage.

Solution: With the efficient use of space below the sink, this sink gives design flexibility to the kitchen layout with not only a place for double trash bins but also a place for roll out storage. (Genious!)


Problem: We all know that sinks in general aren’t friendly to your back, forcing you to bend over more.

Solution: This sink allows you to do basin work like filling up a large coffee pot or draining pasta and arm work like cutting vegetables or preparing juicy foods. I even added a cutting board as part of the sink! You can do everything, all in one spot.


Problem: Most sinks are either not deep enough or wide enough to make cleaning larger pots or serving dishes easy.

Solution: I made sure users were able to immerse lots of things – both tall and wide, but kept a flat bottom to the sink so they could rest things in it without tipping.

What is your favorite aspect of the sink?

Definitely being able to bring all the storage to the point of first use. Being able to have the garbage right where you are cooking, having a sink large enough for everything you need to do but not too far away from your dish storage and having other storage right there is of the utmost importance to home cooks! It was all about finding that sweet spot in the utility without making design compromises.

How can this sink help homeowners?

It would make life so much easier. Most kitchens have design “band-aids” to make the sink do what it’s supposed to do. In fact, my wife keeps telling me we need one of these at home!

How can homeowners get one in their own homes?

Rohl products are sold through most major nationwide plumbing chains. If you’re looking to do a full kitchen remodel please fill out our online form. You can go to the Rohl website to find a dealer in your area. It’s very nicely priced as compared to other large sinks on the market. Everyone likes to hear that!

Here are a few videos to check out if you’d like to learn more!

ROHL Culinario Collection of Stainless Steel Chef/Work Station Sinks

ROHL Culinario Double Bowl Ultimate Sink – KBIS Demo

ROHL Culinario 2-in-1 Ultimate Sink – KBIS Demo

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