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Are you dreaming of a home that reflects your refined taste? At TKS Design Group, we know your home is more than just walls. Our interior design services will turn your vision into a stunning reality. Whether you have a crystal-clear plan or just a general idea of the style you want, our team will weave it all together into exquisite results. New construction interior design, transformation of a full home interior, a single room revamp, an upgrade for your kitchen – our designers in Hinsdale do it all with passion and precision.

Our path to refreshed & new construction interior designs

First, we schedule a consultation to chat about your ideas. Whether you need a simple style update or interior design for your new home, we’ll carefully consider all of your needs and preferences. From there, our high-end interior designers in Hinsdale will draft a plan that’s best explained as your style, elevated by our expertise.

Once you approve the design, we’ll assemble a team to bring it to life. Architects, kitchen remodelers, interior designers – we’ve got the team and we’ll handle the coordination. And with our state-of-the-art project management tools, you’ll be in the loop from day one. We’ll keep you updated with photos, videos, and progress reports, so you can watch your home transform right before your eyes.

Life’s too short for cookie-cutter designs & interiors that lack personality

As award-winning interior designers, we believe your residence in Hinsdale should be a reflection of you – your tastes, lifestyle, and unique flair. This is why our approach to interior design is centered around crafting spaces that look stunning, make your life easier, and feel just right.

When planning your new home interior, our designers will focus on cohesion. In spaces we create, each element flows seamlessly into the next, with form and function in perfect balance. But the magic doesn’t stop there. We believe in the power of details and love adding those personal touches that make a house a home. From smart storage solutions and tailored features to one-of-a-kind furnishings that demand attention, your space will be bursting with personality and bespoke charm.

comprehensive interior design services in hinsdale

Enjoy the change without the mess

We get it – kitchen and home renovation can be a headache. The dust, the noise, the disruption – these are all common, reasonable concerns. With us, you can rest easy because clean remodeling is what sets us apart from others in Hinsdale and beyond. We’ll use top-notch dust control systems and strategies, keep all materials tucked away until we need them, and generally treat your residence like our own.

Our team is meticulous and tidy, and we’ll finish each day with a thorough cleanup. Before they even sketch out your new custom home interior, designers on our team brainstorm strategies to make your journey as smooth as possible. We promise exceptional results while keeping your residence comfortable and livable throughout.

Frequently Asked Questions

What does an interior designer do?

An interior designer plans and designs the layout and aesthetics of indoor spaces to make them as functional and visually appealing as possible. They collaborate with contractors, artisans, and vendors to bring these spaces to life and are involved in everything from the initial concept to the final reveal. With our creative, award-winning interior designers, your home in Hinsdale is sure to blend creative design and premium functionality.

What is the difference between renovation and interior design?

In the context of updating or upgrading homes, renovation and interior design typically overlap. The former generally refers to altering the structure or layout of space, while the latter focuses on changes in style and functionality. And we specialize in both! Our team seamlessly integrates interior design with necessary home renovations or new construction to ensure your place in Hinsdale is both stunning and practical.

How long does an interior design project take?

Every project unfolds at its own pace. A quick room makeover may be done in a few weeks or even less, while a full-blown kitchen renovation or whole-house remodeling could take several months. The timeline depends on the project’s complexity and scope. But rest assured, we’ll map out a clear timeline during our planning phase, so you know exactly what to expect and when to expect it.

Does an interior designer do kitchens?

Absolutely! We actually started as high-end kitchen remodelers and then expanded our range due to popular demand. A perfect kitchen needs to be highly functional while also looking sophisticated. This type of project is perfect for interior designers! For each kitchen renovation, we work closely with you and a team of experts to create a space that’s beautifully styled and a joy to cook in.

Who are the best interior designers near me in Hinsdale, IL & nearby areas?

Ready to transform your home? TKS Design Group is here to make it happen. Through our home remodeling and interior design services, we deliver beautiful spaces that work seamlessly with your lifestyle. From bespoke solutions to meticulous attention to detail – our team is fully dedicated to your project. We’ll be there at every step and make sure the journey is as exciting as the destination.

Whether your home is near Highlands Station or closer to Hinsdale Central High School, we’re your go-to choice for elegant, unique interior designs. We also offer our premier design-build services in Chicago, its nearby areas, and even beyond. Need to consult a dependable interior designer in Naples, Florida? Count on us!

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The process for our major remodeling project was thorough, our budget was maintained, and the construction phase was much less stressful than we anticipated.

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From our very first meeting discussing ideas to the last day of final touches, everyone was helpful, professional, and top-notch. The quality of work was excellent.

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