Design-Build Your Way into a Streamlined Remodel

So you’re ready to remodel and wondering if a design-build firm is right for you. Or, maybe you’re even wondering, what is design-build?

Design-build is a term you hear a lot in the new build, remodeling, and interior design spaces. What does it mean? The short answer is, one team that does it all. But let’s dig in because remodeling is a big commitment, and it’s important to know what approach is best for you.

What is a design-build company?

A design-build company manages all aspects of the project. It means one team, one contract, and one point of contact for the homeowner. It’s simplified and streamlined because a remodel doesn’t have to feel hard!

When should I consider a design-build company?

Design-build is a great option when you are looking to make structural changes to your space, in addition to refreshing the aesthetic of the space. It’s also a good option when it feels like your home isn’t working for you, and you want an objective perspective on how and what to change to improve both function and flow. A design-build firm can look at a space holistically and see what isn’t yet there or what could be. This is a great problem-solving tool, especially when you feel limited by what your home is and has always been. There is always room to enhance what’s underneath so it better meets the needs of how you live.

With a design-build firm, nothing happens in a vacuum. We are constantly balancing these two essential pieces of the process. Design recommendations take into account the desired result, budget, schedule, aesthetic, and construction needs of the home. Likewise, construction can reveal surprises, and we work through the building process with the design in mind, always. We bring a holistic approach to design and construction with every project.

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What are the benefits of a design-build company?

At the end of the day, a design-build firm does a few things that make a big difference, including:

  • One team means a one-stop shop, which streamlines communication, coordination, and progress. This also means one point of contact to ensure consistency in what is being communicated and when. And this makes it easier for the homeowners to weigh in, ask questions, and feel heard… because they know exactly who to go with when a question, change, or problem arises. This also eliminates the possibility of the homeowner getting caught in the middle between architect/designer and the contractor team.

  • One way that this happens is thorough project management. When you are involved in every aspect of a project, it becomes easier to manage every step along the way and communicate accordingly. Project management outlines what is happening and when, as well as who is responsible. It keeps the project focused and makes communication so much easier because the homeowner knows exactly what to expect.

  • A well-run project depends on a team that works well together. Because a design-build team has experience working together, knows what the process looks like for each and every project, and understands the overall expectations, the project progresses more efficiently and ideally, that translates to a faster project (without sacrificing quality).

  • Efficiency can also lead to cost savings. When the process runs smoothly, there is less chance for surprises. This means things get done on time and on budget.

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Crystal clear expectations

At TKS Design Group, client experience is everything. A design-build approach prioritizes the client experience by simplifying the process, streamlining communication, and balancing all aspects of each project. The result is a well-run project that feels [almost] easy and gets done efficiently, because progress is continuous and may even cost less than other alternatives. You are working with one team that is experienced in working together and knows how things usually go. While we can’t promise there will be no surprises, we can go out of our way to communicate often and well. Because when the process feels easy for you; that’s a win for us.

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