The Key to an Easy Home Remodel

Wanting to give your home a makeover, but don’t know where to start? Wishing to make your humble abode more modern, practical, comfortable, and aesthetically pleasing, but fear the complexity of such an undertaking? We understand. However, a home remodel in Glen Ellyn or Chicago suburbs doesn’t have to be a burden. In fact, it can be a breeze with some expert whole-home remodeling tips and tricks.

Plan like a pro

The key to a successful home remodel [and one that feels easy too] is planning. The best projects are planned in advance, details are discussed, a schedule is made, and communication is a priority. As a homeowner, you want to feel confident in the vision, understand the plan, and know exactly what to expect along the way. So why does a well-planned home remodel equal an easier remodel?

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Clear expectations, full hearts

In any remodeling project, there are a lot of moving parts. From decisions to be made to kicking off the project, and when you will be able to sit back and enjoy your new space. Project management is essential from beginning to end. Because when you know what to expect, you receive regular updates, and issues are addressed in a timely manner, even the hardest parts start to feel easy. 

Before your home remodel begins, it’s helpful to know what the process will look like. Here are a few of the key touch points and milestones to ensure you know exactly what to expect when it comes to your home remodel. 

  • Kicking things off. When the vision has been set, the decisions made, and it’s finally time for your home remodel project to begin, we’ll start with a pre-construction kickoff meeting. We’ll meet at the jobsite and walk through important details, such as where materials can be stored and how we will stay in touch with you throughout the project. 
  • Project & problem management. A successful home remodel project is a well-run project. This means constant and timely communication. When a problem arises, we will talk it through and determine the best course of action. We will stay in touch, provide progress updates, and make sure you know exactly what is happening and when. 
  • Scheduled from the start. In any project, it’s important to know what is happening and when. This doesn’t mean things won’t change along the way, but a well-planned schedule keeps us on track and accountable. It helps everyone work towards the end goal – a successful home remodel. The schedule also sets a very clear expectation for how long the project will take and it’s always worth the wait.
  • Installation considerations. When it comes to doing the work, communication is key. Whether you are doing some of the demo yourself or it’s time to install flooring and cabinetry, it’s important to ensure the work is done on time, the area is clear, and valuables and things you want to keep and protect are put away or covered. We work with a great crew who is well versed in your project details. Our team will always do their very best to keep things moving, minimize issues, and perfect along the way.
  • Of note. The very nature of a home remodel means we can’t anticipate everything about a home or project in advance. You may also decide to add or change something along the way. A change order will capture this adjustment to ensure we are all on the same page. Sometimes, a change is required because you encounter something unexpected and need to adjust in real time. Lastly, homes and the materials in them are subject to the world around. Wood expands and contracts. Caulk may crack. We will do our best to fine-tune as we wrap up your home remodel and project details. But maintaining a consistent home environment – temperature and humidity – is key to the longevity of the materials within. 

Trust the process of a reputable home remodeling company in Glen Ellyn

It is truly impossible to outline everything that may happen along the way when remodeling your home, but at TKS Design Group, we want you to have a general idea of what to expect from the process. Your completed project will be worth the wait and our focus on quality will ensure your home in Glen Ellyn serves you for years to come. If you have more questions about how we work, visit our FAQs. At the end of the day, we want you to love your space and we hope the process can feel [mostly] easy too!

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