Wheaton Kitchen Refresh Success: How We Did It

Here’s a common question we get, “Should I replace my existing kitchen cabinets in Wheaton or paint them?” There’s quite a bit to consider but cabinetry age doesn’t matter so much as the current condition of them. Is it structurally sound? It also has a lot to with whether the current layout of the kitchen is good or not.

Designed around quality kitchen cabinets

It’s not uncommon to buy a new home and want to make it your own. But that doesn’t always mean starting from scratch – because when something works, it works. At TKS Design Group, we believe in intentional design, not change for the sake of change. Especially when it comes to quality kitchen cabinets. Lead designer, Jennifer, was able to make the most of what worked in this space, while elevating the aesthetic to make the kitchen feel brand new.

This Wheaton kitchen is an example of just that. When the homeowners purchased the home in 2016, they made some initial updates. From painting to refinishing the floors, they began the process of making this house their own. When the time came to update the kitchen, they wanted to work with what they had to elevate the space, while also adding in the design details that were missing for them.

When to work with what you have

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Tks Design Group Kitchen Remodel

Not every space or kitchen requires starting from scratch to make new. Sometimes the layout is just right and the cabinets are in great shape. Instead, you can prioritize the aesthetic you seek within the scope of what you already have. That is exactly what this kitchen called for and it raises an important question –

When it comes to assessing the state of your kitchen cabinets, here are 3 considerations:

  1. What is the quality of the cabinetry? Are they structurally sound? It’s not about how old they are, but instead the quality and current condition. Do they feel sturdy and secure? Do they show signs of age or wear? Quality cabinets that are well-cared for can last decades. Ultimately, the first question is if you like the cabinets you have. If the answer is yes, next you must consider the layout.
  1. Does the existing kitchen layout work for how you want to use the space? If you want or need to make significant changes to the layout, it becomes much more challenging to work with existing cabinetry. But if the layout is good and the scale of the appliances is consistent with what you want, you have the option to update and refresh the cabinets to fit the new aesthetic.
  1. What material are the cabinets made of? The ideal cabinet to be refreshed and updated is one that is solid wood and in good condition. It’s a cabinet you look at and decide it just needs a little TLC – like some sanding, a fresh coat of paint, and new hardware. This is not a cheap fix either. A quality refresh takes time and attention to detail to achieve the look you want, [will love,] and one that will last, too – if it’s done right. 

The devil is in the details

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Farm Sink In White Kitchen

Details are always important and can truly transform a space where some features are going to remain the same. When working with existing kitchen cabinets and a layout that works, the details are what creates a truly custom design.

The new statement island in slate was added to make space for the microwave drawer which wasn’t a part of the original layout. The bold tone of the island adds contrast against light perimeter cabinetry painted in Benjamin Moore White Dove. A custom hood accommodates a new blower for an upgraded cooking experience. Quartz countertops paired with a marble backsplash pull everything together. Elevated plumbing fixtures in a polished nickel finish add a subtle sheen and loads of elegance.

This client cared a lot about the details of the design, but especially the light fixtures. When we understand what matters to our client, we can prioritize it as a part of our design and process.

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Who are the leading experts for designing and creating modern kitchen cabinets in Wheaton?

TKS Design Group is a respected company that specializes in new kitchen cabinet design and construction. We’ll listen to your requirements, propose several designs that suit your needs, and await your approval before we continue with our work. We service all of Wheaton, as well as its nearby areas, so feel free to reach out to us so can get to know you and kickstart your project as soon as possible!

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